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FIGHTINGFLY 2 Co.,Ltd. Making the Quality Accounting
We commit to help the businessman with a quality accounting management, reliable, reduce tax risk and having a tax strategy to get more profit. Tax planning is the operation to pay the right tax and save the money.
The owner should have a consultant to recommend, help to clearly understand the law tax. It can use and plan the tax business. It must carefully analyst the advantages – disadvantages in order to prevent any faults from error tax payments. A successful tax planning will save a lot of tax payments, reduce any costs and increase the money liquidity for the owner.

How does the accounting office manage this issue????
Mostly new businesses are lack of staffs who are an expert in business tax. Whenever the business makes without knowledge or no consultant to suggest it. The business has any risks for the mistake. It can make any causes to get the trouble in retroact tax and be charged many fines from the revenue department.
For SME business the choosing accounting office that is professional and experience for both accounting and tax. “We believe that we can answer the business question” Now the hiring staff who has an experience in both parts. It is a high cost when compares the number of jobs. Is it better if you select our services but you pay in lower costs than hire staffs? Moreover you will get the tax consultant, too.

Remarks : The services charge for accounting management, we count on basic criteria from the quantity documents and operation time. In case of making social securities for staffs are not over 5 persons we charge 500 per month.

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